STUFISH has designed the Rolling Stones new NO FILTER European Stadium Tour – which will take 59 articulated lorries to deliver the show to each stadium on its tour! The 13 shows kick off in Hamburg on 9 September 2017.

The STUFISH set for the Rolling Stones NO FILTER tour is a cool display of clean and modern simplicity.

The stage design is a whopping 52m wide x 24.5m deep – making a staggering deck area of 1,600sqm. Plus a simple T shaped catwalk and a B-stage takes the action deep into the audience.

Giving the set its clean and unique silhouette are the 4 huge monolithic towers with 22m high x 11.6m wide LED screens; with a total LED screen area of 915sqm and 5,930,496 LED screen pixels. These awesome slabs encase the multitude of moving lights giving the fire power required for a spectacular light show.

The band wanted a very clean modern look focused on the giant slab like screens, which have been designed to give them a unique 3D perspective.

The 2 outer towers rotate outwards moving away from conventional flat back drops.

A lightweight transparent clear span roof 24.5m wide x 10.5 deep with a 12m cantilever hovers above the band, with minimal impact on the view of the screens behind.

NO FILTER tours with:

15,000kg of audio equipment 9,500kg of lighting equipment
36,000kg of LED screen
134 x flown speaker cabinets
282 x moving light fixtures
4 x LED screens, each screen is 22m high x 11.6m wide

STUFISH is proud to have been working with the ROLLING STONES since 1989!

For further information
please contact: Deborah Goodman at DGPR

+44 (0)20 8959 9980

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