What if your world goes wrong? KILLER T is the epic story spanning 10 years, following a group of teenagers drawn together as the world falls apart...

KILLER T is set in the very near future — gene editing is changing the world fast.

KILLER T is unsentimental — a believable rollercoaster of human resilience with a powerful love story.

KILLER T is explosive, defiant and deadly — a novel for our time.

KILLER T is the first stand-alone novel by multi-award winning, multi-million selling YA Author Robert Muchamore (sold 13.5 million copies in 13.5 years!) – as he moves to a new publishing house Hot Key Books.

KILLER T will be published on 6 September 2018 by Hot Key Books.

6 September 2018

UK Price: £12.99

Age range: Young Adult

Format: Hardback and E-book

UK Hardback: 9781471407178

E-book: 9781471407185

Export: 9781471407505

For further information please contact:
Deborah Goodman at DGPR

+44 (0)20 8959 9980

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